The barrel slips down with simplicity, by way of 2 high quality o-rings with a great fit, to show an appealing looking deck with gold plated terminals.

The barrel slips down with simplicity, by way of 2 high quality o-rings with a great fit, to show an appealing looking deck with gold plated terminals.

Involving the two articles is a springtime packed refill pipe that may also be accessed through the drip tip when you yourself have a dropper container, simply stick the end right in, push the fixture down and squeeze…a really revolutionary refill system and although it’s much like the centre fill of this Atom Vapes Apocalypse RDTA that we attempted recently, the addition for the spring will make it only a little better to make use of, as you don’t need to fit your bottle like a maniac.

The double articles feature an overall total of 3 slots each, 1 in the bottom and 2 at the very top in order to install your leads staggered or right, I favor this!

It seems to be user friendly and absolutely versatile. The slots are fairly big and machining amongst the 2 top slots for each post will avoid those leads from slipping sideways.

We exchange the barrel and take away the utmost effective limit, having its curved interior area and an extremely quick noticeable height when it is replaced.

In the event that you match your coils appropriate alongside the medial side airflow you’ll have a very good 0.4 cm prior to the barrel top sufficient reason for an extra 0.35cm of barrel above that, I’m hoping spit straight back will likely to be minimal.

The set up drip tip (there’s an orange, ULTEM 810 within the pack) is breathtaking, black colored stainless with fine, criss cross hold texturing. The most truly effective limit and drip tip are really easy to replace.

I’m seeing good looks, a good hand feel and outstanding machining and fit on all elements. I’m looking towards vaping with this DJV.


While I became quite disappointed whenever I didn’t find any coils within the pack…i must say i appreciate the inclusion of a top quality atomizer stay with good fat to it, along with an ULTEM drip tip.

You frequently have one dodgy drip tip in a field and a great one in the device but this pack has two good drip tips in, along with most of the seals and screws you’l need. You’ll have to supply your very own coils and cotton!

So How Exactly Does The Adrian Lo Dejavu DJV RDTA Perform?

Simple Tips To Fill

You fill by sticking your nozzle or dropper tip right on to the main juice fill shaft and compressing it, it really works really well also it’s super convenient much like a dropper you are able to access right through the drip tip.

The one thing is, you should be alert to your wicking and also make really yes it is perhaps not obstructing your juice inlets into the tank.

We discovered this the difficult means together with a delightful welling away from juice through my base airflow, We cut my wicking only a little shorter (and therefore tank is little!), and brushed it into neat recommendations (following the photos had been taken) to have it taken care of regarding the socket now, I’m perhaps not having any leaky dilemmas.

My bigger juice containers that I keep my DIY liquid in, had been too large for the centre fill, medication droppers work definitely brilliantly, i truly love the system.

Ease of build

Well, once I’d unearthed that the base is reverse threaded to your deck…it had been all systems get.

Building couldn’t come to be easier…this is amongst the coolest deck designs I’ve seen. Therefore clever to provide you with that choice for staggered or right fit. We opted to stagger my develop, one lead low and another on top of each coil, when I desired to take advantage of those bottom slots filipino cupid giriş too.

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